High Meadows to Star Lake and Monument Pass Loop

Here is a great sandy singletrack with lots of climbing. You will be on the Tahoe Rim Trail for about 4 miles at about 9000′. The ride starts at the High Meadow parking spot. You can climb up to High Meadows on the dirt road or on the Cold Creek singletrack.  At High Meadows you go to the Star Lake singletrack and climb up to Star Lake at around 9000′. It takes about 1.5 to 2 hours to climb from the car to Star Lake and is about 7 miles. From Star Lake you can go South towards Freel Pass or North towards Monument Pass. Go North for about 3.5 miles and turn left to the new Monument pass trail. The turnoff is not marked yet, as this section from Monument pass down to Cold Creek is a new trail and has been recently finished. Follow the Cold Creek trail back to the start. Park at the end of High Meadows Road for this ride. This loop is for strong intermediate or better riders with about 3000′ of climbing and is about 17 miles.

Fat Tires - Fat Tree.

Fat Tires – Fat Tree.

Fat bike at Star Lake

Fat bike at Star Lake

Map of Star-Monument Loop

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