Snow biking is back!

Fall fatbiking in Lake Tahoe

The mountain biking is amazing right now. The trails I have been on the last few days are great. Keep in mind that I am riding on 4 inch tires. There is as much as 8 inches of snow around South Lake Tahoe. The busy trailheads are quiet and I am finding freshies everywhere. There is fresh snow on deep sand and this creates smooth trails. Fun on a fatbike, but not so great on a “traditional bike”. Here are some pics.

Star Lake above South Lake Tahoe

Star Lake in the fall.

Cold Creek  trail in Lake Tahoe

Cold Creek trail in Fall colors before the snow.

Cold Creek in the snow. Only on a fatbike.

Cold Creek in the snow. Only on a fatbike.

Snowbiking on singletrack.

Snowbiking on singletrack.

Snowbiking in October in Lake Tahoe

Snowbiking in October

Check out this video!