18 gears and Gates belt drive

I was at Sierra Cycle Works for some biking gear yesterday and I got to ride this cool bike that had an internal 18 speed gearbox integrated into the bottom bracket with a Gates carbon belt drive. It shifts great under a load, has a large range (lower low-higher high) with evenly spaced gears and is maintenance free. You don’t need to lube your chain every ride, or worry about breaking off a rear shifter. This also helps eliminate chain alignment issues with 5 inch tires. This system will be great for the type of riding we use fatbikes for ie: Sand, Snow, loose dirt…. We just need some fatbike frame manufacturers to integrate the Pinion into their frames.


Gates Belt Drive


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  1. joe says:

    Sad that pinion are not prepared to have a wide crank lever against their gearbox. They are not confident in their gearbox strength for fat applications, perhaps effigear is better, they have already said they are confident with their gearbox plus looks like the crank spline is normal universal type standard too, unlike pinion’s proprietary spline

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