Fat Bikes going mainstream?

20131121 (3)I opened up my Yahoo start page today and saw this article. (CLICK HERE) It is just a matter of time before everybody that mountain bikes will get a Fat Bike. This is just one of the reasons to get one.

20131121 (5)Living in snow country, I ride twice as much  with my Fat Bike. And it is twice as much fun.

Fat Bike, Snow Bike Tahoe

Sierra Nevada snowbiking

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  1. FatBikeTahoe says:

    Just Started a facebook group (Fat Bike Tahoe) to promote trail beta and kinship amongst the growing # of fat bikers in Tahoe. Royal Gorge, Tahoe XC (tahoe city), Bear Valley, and maybe Hope Valley have all committed to trail access for bikes. Some have rentals as well, Paco’s Bike and ski in Truckee also has rentals and sales.

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