Singletrack Snobikin’

18 inches of fresh snow can make for fun snow biking. I have found some great places to ride recently. The best spots are trails that are snowshoe or foot compacted or trails that are snowmobile compacted.

snowmobile trail for snowbiking

Snowmobiles are a snowbikers best friend.

Oneidas Road in South Lake Tahoe is one of those great spots for snowmobiles and fatbikes. The road is the trailhead for the Corral loop trail system. Hint-great snowbiking!

Corral Trail in the winter

Winter on the Corral Trail

I went to ride the trail today, a week after the last storm. The snow was really light by Sierra standards. There was too much snow then, but I was determined to ride it today. Normally snowmobiles go here, but there is not yet enough coverage for them on these rocky singletracks. I rode it anyway and it was ride-able and quite enjoyable. Here is a short video of the ride.

I also rode the bike trail near Pope Beach and the Fallen Leaf Lake trails. These trails were snowshoe and foot compacted. There is a lot of great snowbiking around South Lake Tahoe and it is just getting better. Anyone out there with a snowmobile that wants to help put in trails? Are there any other snowbikers that want to help put in trails? Please contact me and we can create an amazing network around the Lake Tahoe area. In the meantime I will continue to ride and put them in myself…

Fallen Leaf Lake, Lake Tahoe

Fallen Leaf Lake in the Winter

Hope to see you out there…

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