Singletrack Snobikin’

Sierra Sidewinder Trail in the snow.

18 inches of fresh snow can make for fun snow biking. I have found some great places to ride recently. The best spots are trails that are snowshoe or foot compacted or trails that are snowmobile compacted.

snowmobile trail for snowbiking

Snowmobiles are a snowbikers best friend.

Oneidas Road in South Lake Tahoe is one of those great spots for snowmobiles and fatbikes. The road is the trailhead for the Corral loop trail system. Hint-great snowbiking!

Corral Trail in the winter

Winter on the Corral Trail

I went to ride the trail today, a week after the last storm. The snow was really light by Sierra standards. There was too much snow then, but I was determined to ride it today. Normally snowmobiles go here, but there is not yet enough coverage for them on these rocky singletracks. I rode it anyway and it was ride-able and quite enjoyable. Here is a short video of the ride.

I also rode the bike trail near Pope Beach and the Fallen Leaf Lake trails. These trails were snowshoe and foot compacted. There is a lot of great snowbiking around South Lake Tahoe and it is just getting better. Anyone out there with a snowmobile that wants to help put in trails? Are there any other snowbikers that want to help put in trails? Please contact me and we can create an amazing network around the Lake Tahoe area. In the meantime I will continue to ride and put them in myself…

Fallen Leaf Lake, Lake Tahoe

Fallen Leaf Lake in the Winter

Hope to see you out there…

Global FatBike Day 2013

Snow on the Tahoe Mountain Trail.

Global FatBike Day – December 7, 2013.

Here is a short video and some photos that show how I celebrated. Fat Bikers around the world celebrated this day by getting out on their fat bikes. In the Sierra we had a major winter storm with up to 3 feet of new snow on December 7th. It was fun on plowed roads, but not on the trails. These images were taken the day before.

Lake Tahoe View

Lake Tahoe View

CCorral Trail-South Lake Tahoe

Corral Trail – The start of the Sierra Sidewinder Trail.

Snow biking is back!

Fall fatbiking in Lake Tahoe

The mountain biking is amazing right now. The trails I have been on the last few days are great. Keep in mind that I am riding on 4 inch tires. There is as much as 8 inches of snow around South Lake Tahoe. The busy trailheads are quiet and I am finding freshies everywhere. There is fresh snow on deep sand and this creates smooth trails. Fun on a fatbike, but not so great on a “traditional bike”. Here are some pics.

Star Lake above South Lake Tahoe

Star Lake in the fall.

Cold Creek  trail in Lake Tahoe

Cold Creek trail in Fall colors before the snow.

Cold Creek in the snow. Only on a fatbike.

Cold Creek in the snow. Only on a fatbike.

Snowbiking on singletrack.

Snowbiking on singletrack.

Snowbiking in October in Lake Tahoe

Snowbiking in October

Check out this video!







High Meadows to Star Lake and Monument Pass Loop

High Meadows to Star Lake and Monument Pass Loop

Here is a great sandy singletrack with lots of climbing. You will be on the Tahoe Rim Trail for about 4 miles at about 9000′. The ride starts at the High Meadow parking spot. You can climb up to High Meadows on the dirt road or on the Cold Creek singletrack.  At High Meadows you go to the Star Lake singletrack and climb up to Star Lake at around 9000′. It takes about 1.5 to 2 hours to climb from the car to Star Lake and is about 7 miles. From Star Lake you can go South towards Freel Pass or North towards Monument Pass. Go North for about 3.5 miles and turn left to the new Monument pass trail. The turnoff is not marked yet, as this section from Monument pass down to Cold Creek is a new trail and has been recently finished. Follow the Cold Creek trail back to the start. Park at the end of High Meadows Road for this ride. This loop is for strong intermediate or better riders with about 3000′ of climbing and is about 17 miles.

Fat Tires - Fat Tree.

Fat Tires – Fat Tree.

Fat bike at Star Lake

Fat bike at Star Lake

Map of Star-Monument Loop

Fatbike – Winter of 2013. Around South Lake Tahoe.

Fatbike, Lake Tahoe

Here is a short video from the winter of 2013. I started riding in the snow in January 2013 on a Fatback. I soon realized that many of the summer hiking and biking trails are used by snowmobiles in the winter. This makes for amazing snowbiking. I was able to ride most mornings this winter and spring. You can get in twice as much riding during the year.

Video here:


Fatbike, Lake Tahoe

Perfect winter riding conditions